The Next Step

Well, now that I’ve gotten the majority of the edits done, I’m faced with proof reading the galley copy of Finally Home. Wow oh wow! This is becoming more and more real to me. And honestly, it hasn’t been an easy road. But I know it’ll be well worth it. My baby, Finally Home, which I started at the age of 16, will soon be out in print and I’ll be able to hold it in my own hands. How tremendous is that!

Another lesson learned– I HAVE to get my own website. The freebie I have on Geocities showed me its limitations last night as I was trying to work on it. Its good for now, but I need something I can do whatever I want with.

So, as long as the kids are good to me, for the next 2 hours I’m going to be going over my galley with a fine toothed comb. My eyes hurt already!!


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