It’s finally arrived! April 24th and Sweet Forever will be released today from Samhain Publishing .

I was all set to do some promo work last night to prepare but wouldn’t you know it…. the internet went down. Go figure. But I got some other things done. I hope to be done with the galley today then I can dedicate myself to promos and such.

Its an absolutely fabulous day here in New Hampshire and even though its only 6am I have the windows open so we can get some nice morning air in. Could I ask for more?

Enjoy the day and don’t forget to check out Sweet Forever over at Samhain!


2 thoughts on “TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!

  1. I want to know why I still can’t by the blasted thing! Yikes! I know a couple dozen folks went over from my blog… how many potential sales were lost?When is this really going to be available?

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