I’ve been looking for Where One Road Leads under the August releases over at Samhain and I haven’t been able to find it. So finally I started looking around and found it. Its been moved up to release July 3rd!! I’ve been assigned a cover artist and everything but I haven’t been contacted yet.

I’m so excited about this one. I really like this story best and can’t wait til it’s published.

I’ve been working on my novella but I’ve been procrastinating over the current scene I’m doing which is a nookie scene. Maybe its the fact that I’m constantly surrounded by kids, or maybe its the fact that I just want to gloss over this scene and if it wasn’t for the fact that I already wrote a really good nookie scene I’d go ahead and gloss over it. But this one is going to be steamy. I just can’t find my steam factor.

So, I can either skip the scene and come back to it when I’m in the mood or buckle down and work my way through it. What is the best course of action? Usually I skip ahead if I’m having difficulties. I’ve been known to write the end of a story before I write the middle. Anyone else do that?


One thought on “Yahooooozie!

  1. I always, always, always write the end of a story before the middle… How can you get to your destination if you don’t know what it is? I love writing endings. They are my absolute favorite thing.Make notes, skip your scene and keep moving forward. Staring at the screen in agony won’t get you where you need to go.Yanno… you don’t have word verification on this blog, so I get no fun 😦

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