What A Writer Shouldn’t Do…..

Learn from me……

I want to cry. Curl up into a little ball and just cry.

I was working on my latest at work yesterday. This morning I wanted to work on it more and I went to open it and guess what…. it wouldn’t open. I got some message about checking for permissions etc. I have this saved to a memory stick so I can bring it to work with me or use it on my laptop or desktop.

And for the GOOD news??? I DON’T HAVE A BACKUP!!!!!!!!!!

I might have pieces here and there, like the first sex scene, but nothing that will save me huge amounts of work.

Why oh why oh why don’t I learn to make backups?!?!!?!? I was well over 18k into the story and rewriting it is going to be a huge task. Well, not huge, but its going to be a PITA and I don’t know it I can get the same things from it.

Jim is trying to fix it or restore it. I’m also going to see if it’ll open for me at work where I was last working on it. And then I’m going to back it up EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “What A Writer Shouldn’t Do…..

  1. I have a special email account set up that I email all my stuff to every week. Just in case. Plus we back up on a different computer here.My computer system has crashed TWICE and I’ve lost everything except what I might have had out with a crit partner, printed or in a class at WVU.Yeah… it took me twice to learn my lesson.

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