So, We’re Not Done Yet

Just when I thought things were done, I got my print galley of Finally Home. It was such an exciting moment to pull an actual book with my name on it out of the envelope and hold it in my hands. But I have to go through it and look for any mistakes. I have a week to do this. And my husband thinks I should’ve gone by my full name, Cerian, instead of Ceri. Cerian, he says, is more unique and sophisticated. Oy.

I must put off my other writing projects for a week now. Right when I was on a roll with That Kind of Magic. I had some great ideas. I hope they hang around long enough for me to get them down on paper at least.

In other, not so cool news, if my van were a horse, it would’ve been shot yesterday. I have to have it towed and put out of its misery. So that will mean we’re permanently down to one car. Until we can afford something new(ish).

Never a dull moment!!


One thought on “So, We’re Not Done Yet

  1. Hey Ceri — good luck with the final read through. How exciting! I’m glad you were able to save your story — when I’m working on something critical, I back up to CD (not often enough, of course) and I also mail a copy of the .doc to a gmail account. They give you tons of storage, and at least I know I always have a copy waiting there. 🙂

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