Why Not Romance?

I have a show that I adore (The Office) and I post on The Office forums (I’m not ashamed to say so) and I’m always surprised and a little irked at the posters there who tease and scorn those fans who watch the show primarily for the romance, or hopes of a romance, between two of the characters. Yes, I watch the show for the other characters, but Jim and Pam (hereafter refered to as JAM) drew me to the show in the first place. I’m amongst many who watch for any tiny indication that there is something between these two (which there is, amongst all the angst) and I get all giddy at those indications.

Hey, I love romance. Whats wrong with that? I’m in love with love (I always think this in a French accent-don’t ask me why). Why in the world should I have to hide that fact? Hi, my name is Ceri Hebert and I’m a romance addict. Yes, I watch The Office primarily for JAM. I watch Men In Trees because Marin and Jack are in love but they’re just not with each other. I watch Lost because deep down I know that Kate loves Sawyer (okay, that show I do watch for other reasons) and I even watch Ugly Betty because I know that Betty and Henry belong together. So sue me.

My reading choices run the same pattern. I love a good story, like Dean Koontz and Stephen King but please please please put some romance in there for me! It doesn’t make me a bad person to want it. Does it? This is why I write it. I want to live vicariously throug the couples that I create. I don’t care what kind of story I write it’s going to be a romance. That is the primary focus, no matter what the plot.

So, why should I be condemmed for wanting more JAM in my Thursday evenings?


4 thoughts on “Why Not Romance?

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog, Ceri! I’m a huge Office fan, too. And like you hope for a JAM HEA. But I hope they drag it out as long as possible without making it stupid. Love the tension there that I think would go away like other memorable TV couples if they got together too soon.

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