Shirking My Duties

I promised myself that I would write on this blog everyday. I guess I haven’t been doing such a good job of it. Its just been one of those weeks, not necessarily good. Between infected sunburns, rain, thunder, lightning and tornado watches, spring concerts and Egypt Day, my week hasn’t exactly been boring. Okay so it hasn’t all been bad. But a week without writing isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially when I haven’t submitted anything to a publisher for months and months.

Where One Road Leads will be appearing in my inbox any day now for editing. I should be taking advantage of the break from editing I’ve gotten to work on That Kind Of Magic. Already its met my 25k word goal and I’m not even close to being done. So, who knows, maybe it’ll hit 40k.

Seriously though, I have to push past the distractions and get this baby written.

And I’ve been thinking about what I might do for my Nanowrimo in November. Perhaps the sequel to Finally Home? Of course that hasn’t gone on sale yet, but I should have an idea of how people are likeing it by fall.

Okay, so this could be considered procrastinating.

Off I go, back to the story.


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