Okay, whats in Nebraska?

My husband’s friend and wife are relocating from here in NH to Nebraska. He got a good job and he’s been sending myDH ads for houses and apartments. WOW! We could actually afford a decent house out there! I doubt we’d be able to afford one here in NH, not a nice one anyway. but all I can see when I think of Nebraska is flat land. Lots of it. Not that thats a bad thing, mind you, but I think I’d miss the trees here in NH and the hills, and Mt. Monadnock, and the ocean even though we don’t get there as often as I’d like.

But another part of me looks at it like an adventure. Where are we going here? My job is going no where, not my writing, but my mundane job, my husband can do what he’s doing other places. Of course our parents are here, so that makes it hard to leave. But I’d be “closer” to both my brother in TX and sister in ID.

I know its not going to happen, but its kind of fun to think of the “what ifs”.

Still working hard on my edits. I wish I could dedicate an entire day to it, I’d love to get it back to her by the end of the week.



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