Another Review!

I stopped by Fallen Angel Reviews and found a review of Sweet Forever. I was very pleased, to say the least.

Sweet Forever

Hayden Merrick is not happy to leave her lovely tranquil Maine home in Clarksport and head out to Burton, South Dakota, but she has to go and visit her grandmother. The approaching thunderstorm is only making matters worse and running into Ben Winslow, who has powder blue eyes that can lure any woman in with his western cowboy persona, is allowing her to see the angry side of him. Ben was doing just fine enjoying his job running the ranch and caring for the horses. He was as cowboy as they come. After Hayden arrives, he suddenly learns he has to expand his way of thinking a bit more than what he is accustomed. Since Hayden’s grandmother plans on leaving her the Forever Ranch, Hayden feels she will most likely end up selling it. Since the ranch has been in Hayden’s family for generations. Ben’s thoughts are it should stay in the family and not be put on the market. Hayden doesn’t care; she has a beautiful home in Maine, with her stepfather, and a lighthouse that she is happy with. She only plans to stay in South Dakota to learn more about her grandmother, even if most of the town believes she is nothing but a troublemaker. Hayden is not happy with the situation with Ben and the ranch, but something in her heart tells her differently. As Hayden and Ben learn to work through their rift, their heart speaks to them in a whole different manner.

Sweet Forever is a romantic story where love is there pulling two people together. Ben and Hayden are electric characters, with sparks that shine even when they are against odds with each other, or trying to make amends. Hayden is determined to stand on her own two feet while getting to know her grandmother. She has roots for her at her Maine home, while sharing an attraction for what the ranch can offer. What woman wouldn’t want a cowboy like Ben to come riding into their life? He is down-to-earth, supportive and caring, putting others’ feelings before his. I could get the whole feel of the landscape that Ceri Hebert paints of the ranch. She creates believable characters that make the storyline real, as they work through their differences, and open up a new door of opportunities. The lovely ending made this book an even more unforgettable awesome read.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

Thank you so much!!!


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