New Covers and New Ideas

My cover artist sent me my new cover for Where One Road Leads. I really liked it, the models were very much how I pictured my hero and heroine, except for one thing, my heroine has visible scars on her face. Not little ones either. So, how does that get handled? Would a reader get turned off if they saw a cover with a heroine who was scarred? Or would it be worse to have her perfect on the cover but not in the story?

I’ve been trying to finish my latest novella but ideas for new stories keep my mind very busy the past week or so. Someone who read Sweet Forever wants a sequel to tell Ben’s sister’s story. That has been first and foremost in my brain. Not thats a bad thing, but I’d rather finish one thing before starting on something new, and this would be a good NaNoWriMo project. And it’ll give me plenty of time to make notes and figure her out.

Time to get the girls on the bus and get ready for work.


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