Lloyd Alexander

I feel like I’m way behind on my news. I just found out that one of my favorite authors passed away last month. Lloyd Alexander wrote some wonderful children’s books, including the Chronicles of Prydain, which were my favorite growing up. He was one of my inspirations to write a fantasy and increased my interest in Welsh mythology. The company I work for published one of his books, Dream of Jade. He called our offices once to order copies of it and I was the lucky one to get the phone call. I was so thrilled when I found out who I was talking to. Though I felt like a little groupie, I had to tell him just how much I loved the Chronicles. He told me that I made his day. He’s given me so much more. What a dear man he was.

I’m really sad to hear that he’s no longer here, but his books will always be on my shelf and I know my kids are going to be huge fans of his as well.

Thank you so much, Mr. Alexander. You’ve give me so much enjoyment from your books.


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