A Mind Of Their Own

Dang characters. I really wish they’d do what I want them to do. My characters in That Kind of Magic were supposed to get into a fight. Actually Patrick was supposed to be a lunkhead and tick Charlotte off enough for her to break up with him. But did he? Noooo, He acted in the opposite way I wanted him to act. Yeh, sure its more natural, more him but now I’m going to have to figure out another way to break them up.

I got my final edits back for Where One Road Leads. It looks fairly easy and with luck I’ll have them done today. Of course DD needs a bathing suit so it looks like we’ll be heading out to the store today. And tomorrow is sports banquet. I hate the end of the school year. There’s far too many field trips and other events that either require my signature or bag lunches. How am I expected to remember all this????

Now off I go to the editing. So on JULY 1ST Where One Road Leads will be all purty and ready to be purchased.


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