Avoiding Responsibilities

I’ve been putting something off for too long. I really truly need to revamp my website. It’s rather dull. I need pizzazz, wow and flash. But I hate to take time away from my writing. I’m thiiiiiiiiissss close to finishing That Kind of Magic and I really really really want to get it done. If I could get it finished and edited by the end of July I’d be ecstatic.

But my webpage needs serious TLC.

I’m also needing to do more promoting. I’ve been avoiding it like the plague, but I just can’t. Must be done. How else am I going to become a famous author or immense proportions?

I’m very happy to say that tomorrow is the last day of school. No, I’m not taking any medications. I’m just looking at it this way-I don’t have to get the kids up in the morning. I can have peace and quiet and maybe an extra hour of writing time. My kids don’t share my glee. They really like school.

Now I must get myself ready for work. Why can’t I work for the school system so I can have summers off? Oh, because I’d make a lousy teacher.


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