I’m trying to psych myself up to finish That Kind of Magic by Saturday June 30th. That way I can join in the July writing challenge (aka Julnowrimo) with my sequel to Sweet Forever. Its just revolving around my brain too much to ignore it and what a good chance this would be to just write to my hearts content. I’ll give it a month and then put it aside and go back to TKOM for the wonderful edits.

I think its doable. I have the extra time in the morning now the kids are out of school to get an hour of writing done before the day begins.

Anyone else out there going to participate? I hope I’ll be able to get involved in the November challenge too. I’ve had 2 good years in a row with that one. Not that last years wip went anywhere, but I finished the challenge successfully.

Okay, one more hour of work then its off to the store and to home to make shrimp scampi. Yipee!


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