Let’s Talk About Me

Let’s Talk About Me

Okay, borrowed this from
Marianne’s blog

First job: I worked an an inn in Rindge NH as a babysitter/chambermaid/bus girl. I tried waitressing, but I stunk at it. Really really stunk. My sister and brother worked there, my current sister-in-law works there and so does her daughter and I believe at least one of her sons. A real family affair.

First screen name: Rhiannon. And then I was accused of stealing it because I wasn’t the only Rhiannon in the chat room. So I changed it to Branwyn. I was really into Welsh goddesses.

First funeral: My grandfathers. All I remember was that it was cold and gray and I missed him so much.

First pet: I think it was a turtle. I don’t think it was a good idea.

First piercing: My ears. I got them pierced when I was 8ish. It didn’t last. I repierced them agan around 14. I now have 4 holes in my ears. In various places.

First tattoo: Is a small goddess figure holding up two moons and a star. I’d like to trade it in for an angel. And yes, it did hurt.

First credit card: A Mastercard. I had such a fun shopping spree that I went back for seconds. Paying it off wasn’t so much fun.

First kiss: Gack, I can’t even remember his name. We were playing spin the bottle. Not the highlight of my kissing memories.

First enemy: Jim “Bucky” Pryor. We were mean, but he was a horrid boy in our neighborhood who shot squirrels with his bow and arrow.

Last car ride: Today. Did a recycling center run, went to the library and then took the kids for a swim.

Last kiss: This afternoon when my DH was leaving for work.

Last movie watched: The Messengers

Last beverage drank: Right now. Water.

Last food consumed: a homemade pizza. Not much of an appetite for it though.

Last phone call: This afternoon called my DH to wake him up. He works 2nd shift and sleeps during the day.

Last time showered: Last night. But I’ll be heading for another after I finish this.

Last CD played: Evanesence

Last website visited: Yahoo mail.


Single or taken: Taken

Gender: Female now, before and from now on too.

Birthday: November 2nd

Sign: Scorpio with my temper rising. (I have no idea about that rising stuff)

Siblings: Two brothers (one deceased) and one sister.

Hair color: blonde

Eye color: blue

Shoe size: Post birth of my last child….. 10. Pre birth of my last child 9.

Height: 5′ 7″

Wearing: Clothes. shorts and a tee shirt

Drinking: Didn’t we just cover this? still water.

Thinking about: Getting my novella finished. and a shower

Listening kids watching tv


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