Okay, maybe I should change that title. Sad truth is that I’m getting bored with my current story. I’m nearly 46K into it and I’m bored to tears with it. Well, maybe not tears, but bored enough. I want it to end. I guess I have the power to do that, don’t I? So I guess I’ll just have to hurry things along. Oh, that sounds bad. I want a good story, but I’m chomping at the bit to move onto something else.

I think I’ve been reading too many reviews. I wonder if its a good thing or not. I’m getting an idea of what seems to be selling (erotic shapeshifting vampire cats) and what isn’t. I’m still on a high from my Mrs Giggles review, but its really made me wonder….. do I write around the information I’m getting from review sites, or just write what I want to write and hope people like it. That’s what I’ve been doing, but I want to write what people want. Well, except for erotic shapeshifting vampire cats. I don’t think I can do that.


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