Something New(ish) To Do & Another Review

I was going through all my files last night and I found some short stories that I’ve decided have sat around long enough. I have about 6 of them that I intend to polish up a bit and submit to The Wild Rose Press and see if I have any luck with them. I won’t make a huge amount of money, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with getting my name out there some more and it’ll help pave the way, maybe, for That Kind of Magic when I FINALLY have it done! I’m actually closing in on the end. I have at least 2 more scenes to write and tie it in with the ending that I mostly have done, finish that, and get it to my crit group.

I belong to a really big crit group. I have gotten really good advice from them, but sometimes I want something smaller. How does one go about finding a small crit group, one that has members I can trust. I do belong to several writers groups but beyond giving each other adviced here and there we haven’t delved into the deep waters of a serious crit group. Maybe its time.

I’m dreading this week at work. My schedule has been somewhat modified (I found out that I don’t put in enough hours in a day to take a lunch break-which I’ve been taking for the last 3 years) and we’re shuffling duties around. We also got a mondo huge (biggest I’ve ever held) check for over 10,000 magazine subscriptions in and I’m the only one who knows how to enter these things. I’m going to be positively fried this week. On top of that we should have our new call center manager soon. Its going to be a man. That troubles me. We’re an office of mainly women and we’ve always had a woman in the manager position. I feel that a woman can understand the needs of other women better, especially the needs of a mom. I get calls during the school year from the school that I have a sick kid and I have to go pick her up. I’ve never had a problem going to the manager and telling them I have to run for half an hour or so. But will a 25 year old guy (apparently one of the candidates up there) understand this? I just get the idea that its going to be really difficult to go to a man with problems. I guess we’ll find out.

Okay, onto my new review. I stumbled on it over at Coffee Time Romance.


Romance/Contemporary/SuspenseRating: 4 cups

Krista Faye is still getting over an accident that occurred 15 years ago. She was a nomad until she found her dog Gus in New Orleans. Now she tries to keep some kind of order in her life so she can be with him. Her bosses’ proposal to build a youth center in her old town is not an idea she is too excited about.

Matt Burgess, struggling to get over the death of his brother, is shocked to learn that Krista is coming back to town. He realizes he may not have heard the whole story but then he is a police officer. He decides he should at least give Krista a chance. He is not interesting in dating anyone and plans to keep it that way.

When Krista returns to the town of Quail Ridge, she knows she will be getting verbal threats as well as in-your-face disdain. But she has no clue what is in store for her as she tries to put the youth center together. Then when she starts receiving threatening phone calls and a brick through her window, she knows more serious things are bound to come. Matt does his best to keep an eye out, but his prime suspect will not be easy to catch. Will it be possible for him to get things settled down before someone gets hurt?

Small town people often hold grudges for a long time. Krista tries to make them understand that she is only there to help. Ms. Hebert writes a captivating story. Mat must remain focused on getting the bad guy. The love interest in this book is a surprise to all involved. That is what made it so enjoyable. Once feelings became known, passion follows.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

4 cups. Not bad at all!!


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