Yeah! New Review

Very cool, I found another review for Sweet Forever today at My Book Cravings. Just to clarify though, Hayden isn’t there to meet her grandfather, she’s meeting her grandmother, and she doesn’t see her father again, she’s actually never seen him before.

Otherwise its an awesome review.

4 Roses

Sweet Forever by Ceri Hebert
Contemporary Romance
ISBN #- 1-59998-462-8
Samhain Publishing

When Hayden Merrick decided to go and meet the grandfather she had never met she never thought what she might be giving up. She is torn, when she went to go to meet the grandfather she never thought she would see the father that had abandoned her again. Or that she would meet the man of her dreams while on this trip. Heat explodes between Hayden and Ben like nothing else. Can Hayden still believe that life is better back home when back home doesn’t have the man she is becoming to love, Ben? Does back home mean more to her then the man she loves? Will she give him up? Or stay and live her life with the man that has given her more joy in a short amount of time?

Ben Winslow had not time for relationships in his life up till now. When he sees Hayden Merrick at his neighbors house all bets were off. Ben knows she is the woman he has only dreamed and hoped for. Ben had a fight on his hands proving to Hayden that life where they were was just as good as life back home. He only has so much time to prove to her to stay with him, before she goes back home. Can he change her mind in time?

This story by Ceri Hebert was a beautiful love story with some heat that will knock your socks off! Hayden had a lot to come to terms in meeting the grandfather she had never met then seeing the man her father that had abandoned her to the man that would become the love of her life. I thought the storyline was written beautifully strong and warmed my heartstrings. This story shows you that changing your life, moving somewhere other then home sometimes can be the best thing you ever did.


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