5000 Doesn’t Seem Like A Lot

But it really is, when it comes to words in a manuscript, especially when that manuscript is winding down to its ending. But if I can manage to squeeze it out then I’d have a full length out of a story that I originally intended only to be 8000 words. Not to scuzzy.

I’ve spent the last few days looking for my short stories to send off to The Wild Rose Press, but I think I lost two of them. Not such a big deal, they were only about 1500 words long. I think I can manage to recreate them. Its just annoying though. I KNOW I saved them, but where, I don’t know. I decided not to query the ones I do have “done”. I originally submitted them to Woman’s World and they were declined (much nicer word than “rejected”). In order to get them to WW acceptable length I had to shave a lot off them. I need to put the extra stuff back in. I’d rather wait until I have a story I feel comfortable submitting.

In the process of looking for those two wips I found a writing prompt I did eons ago and I really like it and I think I’ll use it for a short. And I have a perfect character in mind to add to it. A rebellious teenage girl who decided to “trim” her hair and maybe I’ll throw in a piercing or two. My teenage daughter decided to give herself a hair cut. Without the benefit of a mirror. *sigh* Now I have to get her to a stylist to do the clean up.

Now its time to get ready for a fun filled day at work. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. It might be pretty bad.


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