This And That

Thanks to The Long And The Short Of It for its review of Where One Road Leads . I really couldn’t be happier with this story which has been my favorite from the get-go.

Here’s a snippet of the review (please go to the review site for the entire review and see what else they’re reviewing):

This moving story is driven by powerful events and even more powerful characters. This is small town life under a microscope, revealing the impact of memory and the driving power of blame, guilt, and revenge. Starting over for Krista Faye is not going to be simple…or easy. This is an unpredicatable but heartwarming intrigue that allows love to shine. Where one Road Leads, by Ceri Hebert is a compelling read.

Now if only I’d get some reviews of Finally Home.

Its been a hectic last week or so at work and I don’t see it calming down any time soon. I think its fried some circuits in my brain because I’ve been dealing with headaches and neck aches and it’s been killing my creativity. I’m SO close to finishing That Kind of Magic. I’m over 52K now and I’m pretty sure I can put it over 55K if I could just get more than a few paragraphs down at a time. I need to put work behind me when I get home.

Speaking of work, its time to get ready.


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