Late Night Post

I usually try to post in the morning, but I’ve skipped a few days and I have a little time to kill.

I just submitted first chapter of That Kind of Magic to my crit group. I’m looking forward to the feedback. I just hope that the story is as good as I remember it being while I wrote it. I’m still rarin’ to go on the Sweet Forever sequel (need a title for it). I wish I could have a week of undisturbed writing, but right now I have kids squabling in the kitchen and another child talking to my laptop and picking out her birthday presents (Sponge Bob Square Pants MP3 speakers).

But am I getting any new writing done? That would be a no.

Of course part of the problem is stress. My father has been in the hospital since Friday with Gastritis and my mother in law is going to be going in for surgery soon to have spots removed from her lungs.

Scary stuff.

But I’ll keep writing.



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