New Sweet Forever Review

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Sweet Forever
By Ceri Hebert
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-462-8
April 2007
Contemporary Romance

Ben Winslow knew that Hayden Merrick was stirring things up when she arrived in Burton, South Dakota. Hayden’s mom had left town pregnant, had gone east and never returned, and also had never reconciled with her parents. Now that her mother had died, Hayden had come to visit and meet her grandmother.

And this was where Ben’s dilemma began. He was glad that Hayden was getting to know Lu, but Sally, a cousin, was now on his case to find out if Lu was changing her will. Also, Ben was certain that the truth about who Hayden’s father would turn out to be could cause a town scandal.

Worse of all, was the knowledge that as Ben gets to know Hayden, he learns to admire, enjoy, and love her. Hayden says that she needs to return to the East, it is where she belongs. Ben knows that it’ll take all that he is, and more, for her to realize that he is where she needs to be.

Sweet Forever succeeded with great character development, rich description of the ranch and the surrounding lands, and evoking emotional response from the reader. However, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more to the story. I kept expecting a twist to the plot, but everything was exactly as it seemed, and the biggest conflict Ben and Hayden encounter throughout the story was Hayden’s uncertainty of remaining in South Dakota.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
© Kathy Andrico and

Not too bad. I’m very pleased that I’m still getting reviews for Sweet Forever.

Now someone PLEASE review Finally Home!!! (man I’ve resorted to begging)


2 thoughts on “New Sweet Forever Review

  1. Hey Ceri -I’ve got another excellent review for you… It’s for Sweet Forever, but I think you’ll be happy with it. Come on over to TwoLips Reviews — and thanks for a terrific read! :>]~LindyTwoLips Reviewer

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