My friend, Marianne has not only one book out today but TWO! So please head over to her blog to check them out. I recently read her story, Now That We’ve Found You and I have to say this is a wonderful, sigh-inducing romance. She’s also running some contests over there for her releases and for the Grand Opening of her review site The Long And The Short Of It. They’re definitely worth visiting. Often.

I received a wonderful review of my book Finally Home:

Finally Home

Set in the lush New Hampshire countryside, Finally Home is a captivating tale of love, jealousy, and betrayal.

Torie, a beautiful debutante from a rich, influential New York family longs for independence and freedom from her manipulating family. Her passion for and talent with equines leads her to enter into partnership in a horse farm with an old acquaintance.

Enter Alex, a sexy, rugged, self-made man who eagerly enters into this relationship with her. Her savvy and determination coupled with his financial backing and knack for recognizing promising horses, allows their venture to thrive. However, as love begins to blossom between them, outside forces in the form of a jealous ex-girlfriend and a cunning mother, work to pull them apart.

Alex, still insecure with the life he has entered into with Torie, all too easily believes the web of lies spun by these two villainous women. He leaves, heartbroken, and runs away to his ranch on the other side of the country, believing he has lost the love of his life.

Although a flawed hero, Ms. Hebert has created in Alex an endearing character you will come to love. Your heart will break for him as he comes to believe he’s been betrayed by the woman he’s learned to trust, and tries desperately, but unsuccessfully, to forget their passionate nights together. “Unlucky in love,” he considers himself to be.

Torie, determined, and self-assured, is characteristic of many of today’s young women. You’ll admire her desire to become her own, independent person, separate and apart from the wealthy yet sheltered life in which she was raised.

This is definitely a must-read for lovers of romance and lovers of horses.

Thank you so much Kim!

DAD UPDATE: He had his second biopsy yesterday which left him in the same state he was in last Thursday. At least we know now that its just the effects of the procedure and it will pass. The excellent news is that the first biopsy came back clean (they did the second just to be sure). We also found out that he liver had problems because of a medication he was on. He’s off it now so that should improve. Maybe, God willing, he’ll be home in a few days. I’m sure he’ll be pleased by that.

Off I go to finish up my email and get ready for work. Yippee.

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  1. Glad to hear about your dad… you make sure he takes good care of himself!And thanks for the compliments on “Now That We’ve Found You”… it’s always nice to know when someone enjoys your work.Have a good day!

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