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And today is the kick off for my first contest.

Here’s what you need to do. Read the excerpt below and answer the question posted after it. See, that’s as easy as it can be. Send the answers to my email and all correct answers will be put into a drawing to win an autographed copy of Finally Home. I’ll be posting an excerpt a day until Friday and the drawing will be on Saturday morning.


This excerpt is from Sweet Forever which is available as an ebook from Samhain Publishing

Things changed, though, when Hayden had turned up on Lu’s front porch with the news of Rosalyn’s death. Lu didn’t send Hayden away, but had embraced her granddaughter and invited her into her life. Ben, for one, was glad she did. It gave Lu comfort in her grief, to have the granddaughter she’d never known with her. And now it seemed Lu was considering changing her will to leave Sweet Prairie to Hayden instead of Sally.

It was bound to make life a little more interesting.

With firm resolution, Ben shelved all thoughts of Lu Gardner and her property and turned his mind to the here and now. He had a lot to do before his next group of guests arrived in a few days. There were supplies to pick up, activities to organize. He stared at the computer monitor in front of him, but his attention was drawn away from work by the low rumble of thunder that carried across the prairie.

With an annoyed shake of his head, he powered the unit down. Last thing he needed was to fry his Dell. Besides, with the storm that was bearing down on them, the boys could no doubt use a hand.


Tuck’s alarmed bellow sent Ben charging for the door. Tuck wasn’t one to holler unless it was something urgent.

Against the gray sky outside the barn, Tuck and one of the other ranch hands held onto the reins of a bay gelding who was fully saddled and panting as if he’d been ridden hard. An easel and canvas bag hung from the saddle.

“Damn,” Ben muttered as he approached Lu’s old gelding, Bugs. The horse was the single most foul-tempered animal, but Lu seemed to be fond of him, so the beast stayed put, as retired as his owner. No one had ridden the animal in over five years. At the ripe old age of twenty-two and with a bum leg, he was fit to live, but not fit to ride.

Ben glared at the canvas. Certainly didn’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure out who had Bugs out. Here he’d just been defending Hayden to Sally, and now this.

“Where is she?” he demanded, looking away from the horse to the stable yard.

“She ain’t here, Ben. The horse came in alone.”

Ben swore again. “Bring him in and get him comfortable in a stall and see if you can get Doc over here. I’ll take Ricochet out and see if I can find her.”

“Yes, sir,” Tuck replied, pulling Bugs towards the barn.

Ben dashed into his horse’s stall. Somewhere there was a woman who needed rescuing and the flash of lightning that sizzled through the air brought home the urgency of getting her to safety.



How old is the horse that came into the stableyard by himself?

Good luck to everyone and please come back tomorrow for an excerpt from Where One Road Leads.

And please remember to email you’re answers to Don’t put them in the comment section. Feel free to comment about other things as well.



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