Brand New Week

Well, last week was really fun. I had lots of really good feedback and I hope I picked up some new sales. And if I didn’t, well, I’m getting my name out there and that is excellent. Thanks again to The Long And The Short Of It for giving me such an awesome opportunity. And please go back over there. There’s a new featured author and more contests!

Last week my DH was out of work. All week. He hurt his back mowing the lawn. It was a long week. But by the grace of God and a good chiropractor he’ll be back at work tonight and my schedule will return to normal. Yeah! I’ve got editing galore. A bunch of friends have been busy getting contracts for their work and I don’t have anything remotely close to being done. Well, Dreamers Sea has a beginning, a middle and an end, but it’s a bare bones story that needs lots of care and feeding.

And NOW I have a new project I (meaning my husband) want to tackle. A book trailer. Over at Marianne’s blog has three trailers up for other authors and a link to a page that tells you how to do it. I’m thinking pffft sounds like a piece o’ cake (for my DH).

Thanks to a really good friend, Finally Home is making it’s rounds down in the New York area. She bought a (2nd) copy and brought it to her local library who’ll look it over and either put it on their shelves or sell it. I’m hoping for it to go on shelves, personally. Her other copy is being handed around to her friends. THANK YOU KIM!!!

I realized that I haven’t posted a Dad Update in a while. My dad has taken up residence in a nursing home instead of going straight home from the hospital. He wasn’t strong enough for that but now he’s getting daily physical therapy and even though today was his goal day for coming home, it looks like the end of the week. Wow, it’ll be nearly 2 months since he went into the hospital. But he’s doing much better, despite a few bouts with pneumonia (I don’t think I spelled that right). I’m just hoping he’s better for his business trip in a month. He’ll have my mom and my sister along to help.

Well, time to get the younguns ready for school and me ready for work. This marks the first full week of school so now the homework begins for them. God give me strength.


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