Can’t Resist A Challenge

I mentioned to my DH the other day that I wanted a book trailer and asked for his help. He’s the computer whiz in the family. For the past two days he’s been playing around with this project. I knew he’d take to it. I have to come up with the pictures and text but he’ll do the rest. He found a song that I’d LOVE to have but there’s no way. It’s by a very well known band and it would just be a bad thing. But the song is perfect. *sigh*. I’ll find something without paying an arm and a leg.

This frees me up for editing anyway and keeps DH happy. I hope to be able to unveil my trailer soon.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Resist A Challenge

  1. Hi Ceri — can’t wait to see your trailer! I’m checking in from New Brunswick–little Nolan has had a terrible cold and couldn’t go to daycare, so I’m playing Nanny 911. 🙂 Should be home tomorrow. I’ll catch up with you then.

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