Word Count

Am I the only one who constantly checks word count? Someone told me not to check it so much. Don’t worry, just write. But I can’t help it. Every few paragraphs I have to stop and check to see where I am, how much progress I’m making.

I’m one of those people who weigh in every day too if I’m on a diet.

We spent a really nice evening with my mom, sister and her DH. We played cards with the kids and just enjoyed ourselves as much as we can under the circumstances. My B-I-L is leaving today to go home. He’s a good guy. The kids like him a lot and vice versa. And he likes my apple pie, so he can’t be all that bad. My sister will be staying on for another 3 weeks or so.

I guess I should make some breakfast to stop my tummy from rumbling. I’m surprised my DH isn’t awake yet. Usually he’s downstairs by now.

Oops, here he comes…


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