Late Night Post

Well, not too late. Not quite 9pm but I thought I’d post anyway because I have a link to another contest that is a must to check out. Head over to Diane Craver’s blog. I’m actually jealous that I didn’t come up with this idea.

So, it’s October. I think October is my most favorite month. The leaves have begun to change into their fantastic fall foliage, the weather is finally cooling into a managable temperature and Halloween is on it’s way. Summer is over and it’s not quite winter. Of course that’s the problem with autumn….the only thing I don’t like about it. Winter follows on it’s heels. Yuck. Makes me want to jump the New Hampshire ship and head for warmer places. Anyone familiar with the Texas hill country? My sister, sister in law and I were discussing it and my sister plans on moving there one day. Hey, if the heat is dry I’m all for it. Just keep me away from humidity.

Things are not exactly calming down on the homefront. We’re still trying to organize and take care of things left behind by my father. I’m hoping by the middle of the month things will start looking up.

I’m determined to have my editing done on Dreamer’s Sea. I’ve made a lot of progress, adding 6k or so to it since I resurrected it. If I can add 8k more I’ll be doing back flips of joy. I think I can do it. But I want it done by the end of the month. I WANT TO DO NANOWRIMO!! I have a story idea and I want to run with it. I’ve had really good luck with the last two years. I want to continue the roll.

So I should probably get back to work. Even though Ghost Hunters is on.


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