Romance Abounds

It’s everywhere! I’ve been watching all this romantic stuff on tv and it’s been very inspiring… and believe me, I need inspiring right now!

I started watching The Phantom Of The Opera (am I the only one who roots for the Phantom to get the girl?) and The Office (if you don’t watch it you won’t get the romance between Jim and Pam that just makes me all warm and fuzzy). I watched Because I Said So and found my model for my NaNo hero.

And so much more.

Now I need to take this romance that is simmering inside and transfer it to my story. One thing I’m getting sick of is waiting for this couple to get together. I mean, they’re together but not 100% in all the way though they both want to be. I don’t want them to be apart for lame reasons, but I’m begging them to wait just a little bit longer. But Sarah is just chomping to the bit to just tell Jonas she loves him. But she has to wait. A little patience won’t kill her, will it?

Sometimes I wish they wouldn’t have a mind of their own, I wish they’d do as they’re told. But I’m just glad they have a life of their own because otherwise I dont’ think they’d be worth writing about.

So, just need a little more romantic inspiration and get these two crazy kids to their moment.


One thought on “Romance Abounds

  1. I’ve never heard of “Because I Said So”. And, yeah… the Phantom is WAY hotter than Roaol (or however it’s spelled) right up until he starts killing people. If it wasn’t for that silly little quirk, I’d be all for the Phantom and Christine.

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