It’s Getting There

I’ve really been struggling with the scene I’m working on. I probably should just cut it out but I know I can make it work. Once I go back and edit it. At least I have that “do over” opportunity. I want to make the scene as perfect as I can the first time around, but it’s really not the end of the world if it’s not achieved the first time around. If it makes sense and is important to the story than I can polish it anyway.

Now I’m down to the wire on the month of October I really have to push myself to finish so I don’t feel bad about doing NaNo. I’m just amazed right now that I’ve got so many words. I really thought it would be a struggle to get 65K but now I’m over 67k and have miles to go before this book is done. I just hope it’ll be good enough to attract an agent. I plan on hyperventilating when I get to that process.

Another thing that amazes me… the fall colors. They’re still bright and beautiful here in southern NH. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. I walked home, shuffling my feet through the leaves on the sidewalk. Usually by this time of the year everything is fading. After all, Halloween is only a week or so away.

So I need to be writing like a fiend whenever I can.

Wish I could take the next week off work. I guess they wouldn’t understand.


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