Congrats Red Sox!

Once again they swept the World Series though it was a bit of a nail biter, this last game. And today I’m going to regret staying up to watch the whole thing. I think I may have gotten 4 hours of sleep. So if I fall asleep at my keyboard today it’ll be my own fault

I’ve been pretty pleased on my progress on Dreamer’s Sea though I didn’t get much writing done yesterday (hubby was poking around with my laptop finding some problems with it that need to be fixed-oh, I also was doing house cleaning and making more cheesecake). Unfortunately this morning I had to chop out about 500 words or so in one chunk that doesn’t fit in with my new direction. That hurt. I’d just gotten over 73K and now I’m in the 72,700 word area. But that’s okay. I’m still going strong.

I’m facing an entire rewrite of a scene though but it’s going to be so much better than it was so I’m looking forward to it.

So, will I be ready for NaNo? In less than a week? I don’ t know. I figure I have two good days of writing with little reason NOT to write, but Wednesday is Halloween and I have a youngun who needs to go trick or treating. Okay, so that’s just a few hours. So I stay up a little later. Big deal.

It can work. At the moment I’m feeling very confident.


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