NaNo Blues

Yeah, I know, its only the second day. I’ve already bounced from one wip to another. I’m just not liking either one. It doesn’t help that I gave myself no prep time for either wip because of the work I’ve been doing on Dreamer’s Sea.

I’m already over 2300 words on the second wip and I guess I’ll keep going with it and keep my fingers crossed that something good will happen. I just have to remember IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT I can go back and fix it up after the end of November.

Keep writing Keep writing Keep writing.

Got to keep telling myself that.


One thought on “NaNo Blues

  1. A lot of times, I’m surprised what happens when I just push through. Of course, that’s usually when I throw something absurd in (like my Record-Breaking neighbor in Liv), just to spice things up a little.Hang in there. You can do it!!

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