Taking A Break

I thought I’d break for a moment and do a blog entry. I’ve been doing tiny entries over at NaBloPoMo, but nothing much.

Well, I’m up to 5823 now. Still behind, but at least it’s coming along. And being Monday I’ll have lots more opportunities to write my little fingers off and catch up to where I need to be. I have to write an average of 1767 words a day to get finished. Darn, that number is supposed to be shrinking.

A friend told me to just forget about the word count and just write, that everything will fall into place in the end. Can a writer really ignore that word count? I likened it to a dieter not being able to ignore the scale. I just have to know!

Okay time to get back to writing. I’d be very pleased if I could hit 8000 words today. Actually that’s not too difficult. Knock on wood.


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