Juggling Act

I’ve been doing NaBlo, which is like NaNo but with a blog. I’m supposed to post every day. I forgot yesterday. I’ve got too much going on, and I actually went to bed last night just after 9pm, unheard of for me.

Anyway, I’m trying to do both my galley read for Sweet Forever (available now in e-book format at Samhain Publishing and coming in February 2008 in print-so if you want a good, romantic read with an old fashioned, handsome swoon-worthy hero look it up) and I was able to get some NaNo writing done. It’s quite the balancing act. Anyway, I’m still behind on the NaNo, but I’ve got just over 8000 words now. With a deadline of Nov 16th for my galley I don’t think I’ll have a problem with catching up. I’m liking the story, there’s going to be lots of conflict-lots for my poor hero to deal with between his teenage daughter and the mysterious woman working on his aunt’s horse farm. Who knows, maybe I’ll throw in his ex wife who deserted him and her daughter years before. Maybe not.

Anyhue, it’s time to get ready for work. Got to run out and get some milk, which probably means scraping frost off the car. How did late fall get here so quickly? Oh well, I love this time of year.


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