Almost to the 10k Mark

Focus, I need to focus. I’m still behind. But I’ve been bouncing back and forth between The Staying Kind (my NaNo piece) and the galleys. The galley and the corrections need to be back to my editor by the 16th but I’ve had a volunteer who is better with punctuation then I am offer to look it over so I can keep going on the NaNo. The weekend is coming and that means less writing. We’re heading up to my father in laws on Sunday so that really means no writing. Can I make it up today? I hope. We’ll see.

I really do like this story. I’m going to be such a drama queen again. Problems galore for my hero, a tragic past for my heroine. A troubled teen and an aunt who is a bit eccentric. And horses. I’m going to get some horses in my story again. I’ve missed them.

I hope that I’ll have another agent-worthy story when this is all done. I crave getting out into the big bad world of print publishing. It would be so awesome and fulfilling.

Of course having Sweet Forever, and sometime next year Where One Road Leads, in print will help.


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