Decisions Decisions

Well, it’s been a tough month. While I’m over 25K on my NaNo project, I am really thinking that I should be doing other things, like working on Dreamer’s Sea so I can get it out there. It’s certainly closer to being done and right now I have to concentrate on getting another manuscript out there.

There are other reasons why I’m thinking of removing myself from this years NaNo race. I’ve been told that I’ll be expected to do overtime and that’ll cut into my writing time, I’ve got so much going on (like I said, it’s been a tough month. Lots of stress and family issues) and it makes it hard to focus on this goal.

The good news is that I really like the wip, The Staying Kind. I will continue to work on it. After Dreamer’s Sea and my Sweet Forever sequel.

I’m trying to be positive about this and not looking at it as if I’m failing it. Just re-redirecting my creative energy.


One thought on “Decisions Decisions

  1. I’ve only got 10,200 words. NaNo is supposed to be a fun motivator, not a “law”. If it got you to jump into a new work that you can tweak later, then halleluiah! And if you need to bail before the end, to get some real work done, then so be it. But don’t let that story die…

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