Been A While

Since I last posted. I’ve been a bit busy with work and family thangs. I gave up on my NaNo project. I’m sad, but I’m glad I back to work on Dreamer’s Sea. And I have 25K done on a story that I think I can easily continue on with. But first things first. Dreamer’s Sea deserves to be finished.

Of course I’m into our busy time at work and I’ve been encouraged to do overtime. Oh, and I have things to list on Ebay, oh, and because of the holiday I have everyone home which makes it more challenging to get quiet time on the computer.

Currently I’m dead tired and my day has only just begun. No, I’m not going shopping today. I’m not that brave. I’ll be at work then come home and do some house cleaning. Joy.

Now its time to do dishes. More joy.


2 thoughts on “Been A While

  1. Hi Ceri,Hope things are getting better and you don’t have as many demands on your time. Sorry you had to give up on your NaNo project but maybe next time you can do it and continue with it. I think you’re making wonderful progress with completing your writing goals – you’re a busy gal.

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