5 Days Til Christmas…..gulp

I’m so unprepared this year. I’ve only gotten a fraction of my shopping done and even though I’m a last minute shopper, this year I’m really really late. It’s ridiculous. I only get one day off a week (though I get out at 1:30 every day but Saturday I also have 4 kids-and I’m not going Christmas shopping with 4 kids). My one day off this past week we had a major snowstorm. No shopping. My mom was nice enough to watch the kids yesterday and I got some done, but there’s still so much to do.

So, will I be a horrible person if I don’t get my sister and brother’s presents in time. After all, they’re not going to get them on time ANYWAY. I’m just a horrible person.

I blame part of this on the cold that’s knocked me down. I’ve had a horrible cough that hurts my neck (not throat) and keeps me awake at night. Yah, I should go to the doctors but I hate making that trip… with 4 kids.

whine whine whine.

Dreamers Sea is getting longer and longer and longer. I hit the 81K mark the other day and I still have a HUGE scene to add. Wow. Maybe it’s going to be too long. I hope not. Well, better too long than too short. But I really have to get it finished. Next week is going to be a loss. Everyone is home (but me) on vacation. Usually that’s not condusive to writing.

Off I go to get ready for work.


2 thoughts on “5 Days Til Christmas…..gulp

  1. I owe you a LONG letter, Ceri girl. 🙂 Lots to catch up on…if I don’t get to that before Christmas, I hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday and I’ll be in touch when things settle down a bit. 🙂 Smooches!

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