The Cold That Wouldn’t Die

Okay, this is ridiculous. I’ve been living with this cold for about a month now and it’s getting old. It did start to go away but then it came back. Yeh, I should go to a doctor but they’ll only tell me to get some cold medicine off the shelf and I’ll have wasted a copay and an hour-long round trip drive with 4 kids. No, I’d rather ride it out.

Oh, and if John McCain gets a cold in the next few days it’ll be my fault. I was rubbing elbows with him (literally) at a house party the other day. That was cool, but what wasn’t cool was being caught on the national news. Well, that had been a dream of mine way back when, like 20 years ago. Not to rub elbows with McCain but being on television.

My writing has come to a standstill. My muse right now is curled up on the couch with some chicken noodle soup, a box of kleenex and a blanket. I, however, have been reading a manuscript that I put aside last year. That Kind Of Magic is actually really good. I’m looking forward to getting back to it. After I finish Dreamer’s Sea. Okay, I have to finish DS this month. That is my resolution!

I’ve done a good job over the past few years of not making resolutions. I need to change that. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t say resolution, that should be a 4 letter word. Things I want to accomplish in 2008:

Finish Dreamer’s Sea (in January)
Submit DS to agents and snag one.
Write sequel to Sweet Forever
Edit That Kind Of Magic
Find home for the above manuscripts

Well, thats a good start anyway.

REMINDER: Finally Home is up for Best Romance Book of 2007 in the long ebook catagory over at The Long And The Short Of It . The polls are open now and I’d love a vote. There’s a lot of very talented writers over there and I’m so honored to be amongst them. So vote now, but only one vote per person.


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