Campaign Madness

It’s that time of the year, or should I say that time of every four years. New Hampshire really enjoys it’s first in the nation status, and despite the hubbub I have to say I kind of enjoy it too. Yesterday, here in town, it seemed to have been at it’s craziest.

McCain returned to town yesterday along with hundreds and hundreds of other people. We had news vans galore, C-Span was parked out on the main street, we had people campaigning for all the other candidates here, we had anti-war protestors. It was nuts. And my mom and I, with all our keen sense of timing-decided to go out for lunch. She had to find a parking spot, finally settling on one about a half mile away from the downtown area, it was that bad.

Right next door to the restaurant we chose was Dennis Kucinich in another restaurant but the big action was McCain at the townhouse. Boy, the man sure does know how to draw a crowd! I didn’t realize there were that many Republicans in NH.

No, I didn’t make it on the news this time. I think once in a lifetime is enough. But I think Obama will be in the area today.

Our local paper had the ballots posted. I just don’t get it. There had to be over a dozen candidates listed on each. Who are all these people and how in the world do they think they have a shot in heck of being elected. Well, I’m sure they don’t, but still what’s the point? My mom and I had a laugh though. The Democrats have a candidate running named O. Savior and the Republicans have Vermin Supreme. I wonder if that’s someone’s idea of a joke.. meaning that the Dems are our saviors and the Reps are vermin. I’m sure there are bunches of people who’d agree with that.

Okay, I’m up early with the intention of writing. I guess I should turn the light on then although I have a great keyboard that has light up letters.

Coffee would be good too.


One thought on “Campaign Madness

  1. That sounds exciting – I’m enjoying hearing about the NH primary results! Our primary isn’t until March in Ohio. By then the candidates running for President nas been decided. But now, when the election happens in Nov., Ohio is important. LOL

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