Searching For An Agent

Even though Dreamer’s Sea isn’t completed and has to go through the long process of edits I’m still looking around for a prospective agent. There’s a great list over at Charlotte Dillon’s website. But man, it’s a looong list! I guess that’s a good thing, the more agents to chose from the better. But it just makes me realize how much work I have ahead of me before I can even send out a query! My first query I ever sent out was to Silhouette and guess what, they wanted to see the entire manuscript. Which wasn’t finished. Ya wanna talk about panic to get it done?????

Never ever ever do that. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. It took too long to finish the story (Finally Home) and it wasn’t as polished as I had hoped and therefore (and rightly so) it was rejected. After more time, though, I sent it to Whiskey Creek and they loved it.

So no more of that silliness. I don’t want to send out any manuscript until it’s as perfect as I can get it.

But I’m chompin at the bit to get a new book out there!!!!!!


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