What? A Day Off???

First of all I want to wish my friend and fellow writer Marianne a very happy birthday!!!

I took the day off today with the intention of driving up north to VT to visit my father in law who is recovering from some heavy duty surgery but unfortunatly Mother Nature has foiled those plans with a little freezing rain and sleet (blech). So I can go into work like a good doobee or I can stay home.

Hmmm….. what to do……

Yeh, I’m staying home. I have more than enough to keep me occupied, like working on the galley corrections for Where One Road Leads and working on Dreamer’s Sea (which is up over 87K now). I’ve got another story stuck in my brain too. The sequel to Sweet Forever. Blame it on the horse magazines my daughter has acquired. I haven’t done a real horse-centric story since Finally Home and even though my SF sequel will feature a horse crazy heroine I’m still ready to come up with something new set in the world of grand prix show jumping. But first (well, first after DS and my galley corrections) I’ll concentrate on my cowgirl. Oh, and I have That Kind Of Magic which I’d love to get edited.

I guess too many ideas is better than not enough.


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