It’s Baaaaack

Winter in New England has returned. Any minute they’re going to post that school has been cancelled today. Three kids will be thrilled and one kid will be bummed. But it matters not to me, I’ll still be going to work. At least I can walk to work instead of driving. I really need to invest in a pair of snow shoes or cross country skiis for days like this.

I’m so close to my 90K mark on Dreamer’s Sea! Wow! I’ve never written anything this long! It’s the neverending story. I’m sure that means there’ll be tons of stuff I can remove. I don’t want it to be a boring story. But I do want it to be a finished story! Because I really really really want to get on with my next story. Oh, yeah, and I’m looking forward to having my baby ripped apart by my crit group. A necessary evil in this biz I’ve found.

School has been cancelled. I think nearly every school in the state will be cancelled.


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