To Join Or Not To Join

I’ve been looking at my options, ways to get my work noticed, whether it be taking it to an agent or straight to a publisher. Someone recommended that, if I couldn’t go to conferences and pitch my work (which I can’t at this time), then entering into contests is a good way to get noticed.

Fine, I’ve done that before. It was kind of fun. While I didn’t bowl over the judges, I certainly wasn’t told never ever to get near a Word document again. From all the comments I received I was very confident that I could go on and become published. So I went to several websites for RWA chapters to check out their contests. Most that I found required an RWA membership.

I’ve heard mixed opinions about whether it was worth it to join up with RWA and my state chapter. I can see definite perks, but I’ve heard that there are some in RWA that look down their noses on e-publishers. Not all, but some. The NH chapter I know has several e-published authors. And then there’s the NH branch. I doubt very much that I’d be able to get to the meetings, I’m not exactly in the neighborhood.

So, is it worth it? Would it make me more marketable? Are those contests really worth it?


Well, we’re back in a deep freeze here. I miss those nice 50 degree days. Right now it’s 11 degrees. Times like this I want to move down to Arizona.


2 thoughts on “To Join Or Not To Join

  1. Aww… c’mon… join and come to the meetings and I will, too (cuz, well, I AM in the neighborhood). Then we could hang out.*G*IMHO, I found little value in the contests… And, to be honest, if you look at the judges nowadays, many are FROM ePubs. I know Rhonda at TWRP judges some contests. I know of very few people who actually got contracted via RWA contests. I know several who did via publisher contests (like the HQ American one from last year).If you’re on a limited income, I don’t know that you’d see a distinct benefit in it. I did it for two years, spent a ton of $$, and … well, you know the rest.My .02 FWIW.

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