That’s It….I’m Quittin’ My Day Job

Besides the fact that if I was able to stay home during the day while the kids were gone I’d probably get a lot more done, I’d be here when the UPS delivery person arrives.

Yesterday when I got home I found a nice piece of paper stuck to my door from UPS. They’d been by to make a delivery but there hadn’t been anyone there to sign for it and it needs to be signed for.

The package is from Samhain.

There’s only one thing I can think of that Samhain would be sending me in a box. MY AUTHOR’S COPIES OF SWEET FOREVER!!!!! WOOOO HOOO!!!!! And I wasn’t there to take them! They’ll be back again today, but guess what I WON’T BE HERE TO TAKE THEM! I can’t guarantee that my husband, who sleeps during that time of the day, will be able to stay awake enough to sign for them. I may ambush UPS man when he arrives at my work, which is just down the street, and see if he’ll give me the package there. I just want my babies. They need me!

And this means that it’ll be contest time when I do have them! Stay tuned for a contest to win a signed copy of Sweet Forever!


4 thoughts on “That’s It….I’m Quittin’ My Day Job

  1. I don’t know.. the slip says that it requires a signature in person. And they’ll deliver between 10:30-2pm. Can we be a little more specific??It is torture!

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