Another Step Forward

More Miracle. See, Marianne, my cat likes to lay all over my stuff just like your puppy does.

I have the great advantage of having a super helper with my galley corrections. Okay, fine, I’m horrible with punctuation. I don’t know if I use too many commas or not enough. I think I need to go back and take some classes. But my helper knows this stuff and now my galley corrections for Where One Road Leads is ready to go back to my editor. Print release date is May 27th! I can’t say how excited I am! I think I’ve mentioned how much I love this story!

In the meantime I got a bunch more written on Dreamer’s Sea and have cleared the 96K mark. Time to move the goal. I know there’s not much more to be done on it but I’m at the beginning of a very important scene and it’s morphing in my head from one thing to something much better. I’m eager to get it written down. Now I know that I’ll probably trim a LOT out of the story, but better to have too much to work with than not enough.

Unfortunately today is one of those days when, once I get out of work, I’ll be running around like a madwoman, meetings, picking kids up, dropping kids off and picking them up again. I can’t wait for cheerleading to be over with, but we have Special Olympics coming up really soon (at least I know we have plenty of snow for it this year).

But for now it’s time to get dressed for work.


2 thoughts on “Another Step Forward

  1. Pretty kitty :-)My old roomie had a long-haired white kitty that looked a lot like Miracle. He had two different colored eyes, and his name was Putz (he really was one).Good luck with writing… and WOOT on another print release!!

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