Is It Summer Yet?

Because I’m ready for a day at the beach. Enough of this silly freezing rain and other yuck.
Yesterday, despite all the running around, was a very productive day. I added another 2,000 words to Dreamer’s Sea and am in the middle of the big scene. I’m very excited and I didn’t want to stop, but it was getting late and if I hadn’t I would’ve fallen asleep on my keyboard. Today is laundry day, so that means taking a notebook with me to the laundramat and working my fingers off to finish up this scene. Dare I say that this story could be finished in a week if I have another day like yesterday.
No, never say anything like that because something evil will happen.
I really need to learn how to put Youtube videos up. There’s a song that is stuck in my head and I want to share. But I’m lucky to be able to know how to put pictures up.

One thought on “Is It Summer Yet?

  1. Ceri, I can help you with YouTube… it’s easy peasy. If you’re in the “html” tag on your create post, just copy the “embed” html at YouTube (unless it’s been disabled…grr) and paste it onto the blog.And, yeah, we’re ready for summer, too!!

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