I did it! Dreamer’s Sea is over 100k! I’ve never ever written anything this long before. And, no, it’s not done. Almost done, but not quite. I’m pretty shocked that it went on this long. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hugely pleased, just a bit bewildered. And I wonder how much will get left out when I go back to edit. Well, I’d rather have too much to work with than too little. It’s just amazing to me that this story is twice as long as it was when I “finished” it after NaNoWriMo in 2006.

I do hyperventilate a little when I think of the editing that has to be done on this baby. I will put it down for a little while…. a week maybe?

So, how long do other writers put first drafts down before picking them up again and starting the editng process? Some writers I know let it alone for a month or so, but I’m just eager to get this story completed and (I hope and pray) published. A month seems like an AWFULLY long time.


Well well well…. it’s sleeting outside. Fancy that. I haven’t seen sleet for, oh, 4 whole days. School hasn’t been cancelled yet, or delayed, but it’s early yet.

I’m going to take advantage of the last few minutes of quiet and get more writing going. I’m actually feeling giddy! Or it could be the coffee.

2 thoughts on “Yeowza!

  1. Yay you!!! It snowed here. Ugh. Heavy, wet stuff. And, since I just finished shoveling, the snow plow went by. Do you think they wait and watch?Most folks I know put their work aside for a month or more before they edit.I can’t, though, because I lose interest.Good luck!

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