Blizzard of ’78. Where Were You?

Actually, I don’t remember this storm as much as I do a storm in another February (don’t remember the year) when my family was trying to leave Atlantic City NJ. My father and siblings were in a van (we were leaving a car flea market where we’d been for a few days-that was my dad’s business) and my mom and I were in a VW Rabbit. Yeah, a Rabbit. We got stranded on the highway and seperated from the van and were just going to wait it out until a man in a bread truck rescued us, wouldn’t let us stay put (and for very good reason-we would’ve froze). He drove us to the toll booths where my dad was waiting. We headed back to the city, had to abandon the van eventually and walk until we could find a hotel. Oh, yeah, the van got broken into. Now that was a storm.

At least I was home for the 78 blizzard, and having a blast by the looks of things. Now honestly, can anyone remember being able to roll a snowball THAT big over the last, say 10 years? We haven’t had enough snow.
Not looking forward to the mess we’re dealing with today. Just waiting for school to be cancelled or something.
Got a bit of writing done but I found myself itching to get started on my next story (tentatively called Where I’ll Stay, which is the sequel to Sweet Forever and centers around Ben’s little sister, Jaycie) so I was getting in the mood and picking out my models for my main characters. I already had Jaycie picked out and it turns out that in real life she’s a Playboy playmate, wife to one of the members of Rascall Flats and she was in the Toby Keith video, Who’s Your Daddy. And I’m going with Blake Shelton as my “hero” model. Hey, having a visual on them helps a lot.
When I’m done with my first draft of Dreamer’s Sea I should revamp my webpage. It needs serious help, but I’d so much rather write. I wish I had the big bucks to hire someone to give me an awesome webpage.
Well, I must go see what the cancellations say. Two hour delay.

4 thoughts on “Blizzard of ’78. Where Were You?

  1. Hi Ceri,Believe it or not, during the blizzard of ’78, I was busy getting married! Well, actually, I was married one day after the second storm. All my wedding pictures have lots of snow in the background.Kim

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