Weekends Are Too Short

Yeah, it’s morning. Monday Morning. In 3 hours I’ll need to be at work and thus begins another 6 days of work. Blah. I’d rather work 1 day and have 6 off. The trouble is I’m more productive with my writing during the week when the afternoon and evenings are my own (and my kids). So maybe I shouldn’t complain. I sure didn’t get anything done this weekend. Between work on Saturday and other things on Sunday (including a Heroes marathon-trying to catch up on the series which we never saw before a few months ago).

I did sort through some notes on Where I’ll Stay, the sequel to Sweet Forever so I am working. Just not at the pace I would like.

All right, now I have the knowledge I’m going to try to post my Inspiration Of The Day, a Youtube video, could be from a TV show, could be a video. Todays is from one of my FAVORITE and shows, Men In Trees, which is completely underrated and treated so badly by ABC (I won’t get started). James Tupper is such a hunk (I’m 42, I can say that) and he and Anne H have awesome chemistry (both on and off screen apparently)

Now off to other things.


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